Here in the Pacific Northwest, coffee shops are ubiquitous so your goal is to find the best coffee shop! Check out The Corner Coffee Shoppe in Wilsonville, Oregon.

When you search for “café near me,” “coffee bar,” or “coffee places near me,” we often come up first in your search! This is how folks zipping down the freeway find us. They stop in and tell us that we make the best cup of Joe they’d had in a while. 

We love hearing those compliments! By carefully selecting the best, locally roasted coffee beans, we provide you with an extra dimension of flavor. 

Beans which are roasted far away at some corporate center then have to be transported to far flung stores across the US. These beans might have been roasted 30 days ago and by the time you taste a freshly brewed cup or an iced coffee, those beans have lost much of their flavor. 

At The Corner Coffee Shoppe, your place for local coffee, we make sure that our freshly roasted coffee beans are at the absolute peak of flavor! After all, our beans only have to come down the road from Hillsboro, not thousands of miles across the country! 

As a coffee bar, we are proud to be an establishment which serves you coffee, a variety of cold drinks, and freshly baked light refreshments.

Our master baker, Nancy, is constantly tinkering with her recipes. As an experienced member of the U.S. Air Force culinary team, she has a ton of practice at this! Nancy customizes her recipes so that her baked goods can be safely eaten by diabetics and by those on special diets. Nancy wants to make certain that everyone can enjoy her baked delights! 

If you want the best cup of coffee and the most scrumptious baked goods in the Wilsonville area, make sure that you stop by The Corner Coffee Shoppe today!