It’s the Marionberry Celebration at the Corner Coffee Shoppe!

Does Oregon have an official state berry?

Yes! It’s the Marionberry. Read on to find out more about this berry invented right here in our state!

In Oregon, we learn to cherish the beauty of life—a day brightened by glorious sunshine and the lazily, rambling days of summer. We learn to celebrate each day to make the most of it!

As locavores (people who enjoy local foods), we Oregonians eagerly anticipate the arrival of seasons—sweet strawberry season in the spring and crisp apples in the fall.

Right now, we are in the sweetest season of the year: Marionberry Season! At the Corner Coffee Shoppe, we are inviting you to our Marionberry Celebration from now until August 10.

You might be asking, “What is a marionberry?”

Cultivated carefully at Oregon State the Marionberry first stretched its leaves up to the Oregon sun in 1956, which makes it Oregon’s Ultimate Baby Boomer.

Baby Boomers are those lucky people who were born between 1945 (the end of World War II) and 1964.

During this time, the plucky and persistent scientists at Oregon State University worked to create a new berry which would flourish in Oregon’s unique microclimates. The scientists were successful! In 1956, the marionberry was first cultivated in Marion County, Oregon. As a cross between the Chehalem Blackberry and the Olallieberry, the marionberry is the most cultivated variety of blackberry. In fact, over half of the blackberries grown in Oregon are marionberries!

Can you describe the flavor of a marionberry?

Called the “Cabernet of Blackberries,” the marionberry is renowned for its complexity of flavor. While sweeter and juicier than the “Evergreen” blackberry, the marionberry is often described as having a rather earthy flavor with notes of sweetness and tartness. This is why the flavor of the marionberry can enhance any taste adventure from the Corner Coffee Shoppe’s original Oregon Marionberry White Chocolate Mocha to Nancy’s AMAZING Marionberry Pie!

At the Corner Coffee Shoppe, we like to keep it local: Nancy buys her marionberries at the farmer’s markets to get the freshest marionberries at the peak of their flavor! Then, she blends these beautiful berries into smoothies, processes them into Pure Wild Oregon Marionberry Jams, and bakes them into the best Marionberry Cinnamon Rolls you have ever tasted!

So stop by the Corner Coffee Shoppe to celebrate the marionberry which is uniquely—and deliciously–Oregon!