Sourdough Bagels

coffee and muffins

The Corner Coffee Shoppe makes your next event a culinary delight!

We offer catering for business meetings and office events in the local Wilsonville area. We offer morning pastries and coffee, business box lunches, and afternoon coffee/sodas with cookies and snacks.

Enjoy delicious breakfasts, healthy snacks, hot coffee, scrumptious lunches.

We’ve got you covered: We offer:

  • Healthy breakfasts
  • Nutritious snacks
  • Fresh lunches
  • Farm to table

Get delightful meals and perks for your team delivered anytime, anywhere. Fast ordering process. Fast delivery. Group catering options for various dietary restrictions. Healthy team meals for you! We make meeting planning easy for you!

Make Your Next Meeting a Culinary Event!

Healthy Breakfasts with Fresh-Baked Pastries!

Mid-morning or Mid-Afternoon Snacks with Fresh-Baked Cookies!

Delectable Lunches on Scratch-made Sourdough Bread!

Affordable Pricing. Diverse Menus!